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Principal's Message

Lee Richmond Parents,

Our entire staff is committed to providing a high-quality distance learning experience for your child(ren). It is also very important for your child(ren) to fully participate in the learning process. In order for high quality instruction and learning to occur, Lee Richmond students, staff, and parents must commit to the following PRIDE Expectations while in Distance Learning:




·         Be on time to class 

·         Ready to learn with all materials 

·         Smile 

·         Have a good attitude 

·         Use kind words 

·         Always try your best 



·         Follow directions 

·         Listen when others are speaking 

·         Wait your turn to talk 

·         Only un-mute the microphone with permission 

·         Use kind words 



·         Work at all times, especially while in the “waiting room”

·         Complete your own work 

·         Be honest 

·         Stay on task 

·         Only use chat when necessary




·         Log in to class on time 

·         Return to class on time 

·         Stay focused on tasks 

·         Complete independent work and assignments 

·         Stay in front of the screen during live instruction 




·         Always give your best effort 

·         Turn in your best work every day 

·         Complete all assigned tasks 

·         Participate all day 

·         Be a role model for others 

·         Challenge yourself 

In order for instruction to run smoothly and prevent interruptions to the learning, it is important that you child(ren) log into daily live instruction on time every day. While in live instruction, your child must fully participate and stay engaged in the instruction (stay in front of the camera, keep the camera turned on, complete assignments, etc.). Additionally, it is important for your child(ren) to stay logged into their live instruction the entire day (not log in/off throughout the day without teacher participation).

Teachers spend time reviewing the PRIDE expectations on a daily and weekly basis, similarly to when children are in traditional school.

When students are demonstrating the PRIDE expectations listed above, the teachers may:

  • Reward PRIDE coins/dojo points
  • Redeem PRIDE coins/dojo points in the Panther Den (or teacher store/treasure box)
  • Recognize Panthers of the Week (announced on Friday video announcements)
  • Recognize Panthers of the Month

If students choose to not follow the PRIDE expectations or students are not logging into live instruction, the following may occur:

  • Phone calls home from teacher or office staff
  • Home visits made by office staff
  • Home visits made by Office Snodgrass (Hanford Police Dept School Resource Officer) – it is the law for children to be in school
  • Notices/Citations of Unacceptable Behavior (behavior incidents)

Please review the PRIDE expectations with your child(ren) and reinforce/recognize their positive behaviors (when they demonstrate PRIDE). Refer to PRIDE across the day and evening while at home. If you need help with setting up a positive reinforcement system in your house, our support staff would be happy to assist you. Please call the office at 559-585-3760 to schedule an appointment with Lee Richmond support staff or contact your teacher directly.

Remember, we are in this together. We look forward to the time we can all be back together, learning. Until then, show that Panther PRIDE!


Mrs. Calvillo, Proud Panther Principal

Home of the Lee Richmond College-bound Panthers!

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