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We are approaching the end of the year! We want to thank each and everyone of our parents and students for staying with us and being patient. Our tutors are wrapping up the end of the year with some super fun activities! 


With Summer quickly approaching, Mrs. Jessica created a fun craft for us! Piñata's are super fun and engaging for children. Have them try this fun and easy paper bag piñata. 


Ms. Selina challenges her students to a word scramble! Try and see if you can figure out the words with Ms. Selina. 

Follow along with us this month to watch our tutors guide our students through different activities!
How cool are these never ending emoji cards?! Mrs. Jessica shows how to put together a never ending emoji card-follow along!
Ms. Selina got creative with her students! Using yarn and watercolors to create a fun art craft!
Ms. Jessica guides the students through this fun and cute bear cootie catcher! How cute are these little friends?!

Watch as Ms. Jessica makes Tuna Lettuce Wraps! Ms. Jessica is using lettuce that she grew from our own garden at Lee Richmond! 

Play along with Ms. Selina and help her find the imposter in each slide! Hint: It is REALLY hard to tell the difference. 


This month READY will be focusing on science! March 26th at 3:00 pm each tutor will be launching the rocket or science project each class created! Since we will be launching in the field, you are more than welcomed to come and watch in person! However, we must park outside the gate and stay in cars! If you cannot come and join us in person, we will be zooming as normal on Mrs. Miranda's Fun Friday Zoom Link :) Hope to see you all there!  


Mrs. Jessica's class focused on Moon Sand this week! Join in on the fun by following this quick and simple Moon Sand recipe!

Every Friday to keep things interesting and exciting the Fun Friday Class winner's get to choose a tutor to endure a hard challenge that the winners of the previous Friday picked! March 12th, Ms. Margie's class won by a hair! They chose Mrs. Jessica to undergo the ice bucket challenge! 


March 5th our tutors went head to head for our Fun Friday! Watch to see who came out on top! 

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Here is a fun craft to do at home! 



Guess what the object is before its uncovered!!!! 



Thank you, Mrs. Jessica for making this fun video on how to make Glow in the Dark JEEEELLLOOO!!!! 

Science is a fun time to experiment! Follow along with Ms. Margie and make a Lava Lamp with 5 easy ingredients. 

Follow along with Ms. Selina to make a really fun Rainbow Volcano! Don't miss out! 


Do you think you can ESCAPE? 


Do you think you know your AMERICAN HISTORY? 

Take this fun quiz to test if you do! 


We miss being in person for READY! We miss your smiling faces, fun Fridays and holiday parties! We love to see you any chance we get (even if its just a wave hello)! This Valentines day our tutors had a Valentines Day Drive- Thru JUST FOR YOU! We appreciate everyone that showed up!!!!! 


First page of the PDF file: PinkandGreenPhotoCuteSweetCoupleValentinesDayMug

Follow along with Ms. Margie and draw a Valentine's Day box of chocolates! 

African Mask with Ms Jessica

Who doesn't love a rain stick? 



Here is a FUN game! 

The month of February is a month to take your time to recognize Americas greatest Americans! 



Fridays are meant to be fun!!! Throughout the week we challenge the students to get up and get involved! If we recognize a particular student being actively involved, we will give them a shout out and put their name in the Fridays raffle!!! But that's not it! You can get a bonus entry if your class wins the Fun Friday Rally and you were participating! 


This weeks winner is..... ALLYSON!!!!! 


Congratulations Allyson!!! Keep it up! 


Hello January

Happy New Year! We are excited for 2021!

Well folks... that's a WRAP! 


How well do you think you know your nutritional facts? 

Make fruit faces with us! 


Try and figure out the mystery image! 

After all the eating and pigging out during the holidays our main focus this January is NUTRITION! It is important to be reminded of all the food groups and learn fun and yummy ways to incorporate those food groups into our everyday eating habits. 


We made it to 100 DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!